The Place Where Monday Morning Blues Don’t Exist


The dreaded Monday morning? *Groans*

But do you know that there is a place where Monday morning blues don’t exist? No, we are not talking about a heavenly landscape from La La Land. In fact, our workplace at Head Office is what we are referring to.

ikman entrance
Situated adjacent to Bread Talk, so we can run there any time to sort our sweet tooth cravings or coffee fix, and the location being a prime spot in Colombo are merely external advantages that weigh lightly compared to what you witness actually taking place within the office premises. If you peek in, you’d be awed by the extra fun, hyper energetic open office environment, teeming with laughing buddies who have a fantastic time while they tackle their designated responsibilities.

ikman buddies
We’ve been told, time and time again, our work culture is a surprise to anyone who walks in. Who would assume a dynamic organization with a labour force of over 300, achieving unbelievable milestones within such a short span of existence would turn out to be this totally chilled out place to work for?

ikman play

Come on, the first thing your eyes see as you enter our spacious, cozily designed lobby are the rustic themed brick walls, comfy seating area AND the zone where you find most of the office flocking at about 4pm every day. Reason? To play table tennis, carom or even have a go at the Xbox. Plenty of TVs around mean you could completely unwind with your favourite channel as long as your tasks are done and dusted for the day.

ikman workplace

The reason for this open culture is totally because we believe in equality. There’s no Sir or Ma’am system here (c’mon, it’s 2018!), no segregation between the management and the employees. We are committed to an open door culture. This place isn’t divided by cubicles or separate lunch rooms for the management, thanks to the way our Managing Director, Alexander Löwbäck thinks. His young, fun loving personality spreads in to the vibes of our work culture too.


We love diverting from the norm just to make life interesting for all our workers here. This, we know, is how a modern corporate succeeds! we are hiring by the way. interested? click here for more details :