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Top 5 Most Searched car brands in Sri Lanka – 2021

The online popularity of the car brands in Sri Lanka is a strong indicator of future sales and trends in the automobile sector in Sri Lanka. We all know that buying a car in Sri Lanka is more than just facilitating your transportation needs. So, most people always go for the most popular brands when buying a car in Sri Lanka. 

Thus, we thought to share the most searched car brands in Sri Lanka on – The leading classified ad platform for vehicles on the island. Every car brand in our list captures considerable customer attention. All of them are at the forefront of what matters to rich customers.


BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), the German car brand, is the most searched automobile brand on The company has kept its name at the forefront of the industry, introducing elegant and trendy models that customers can’t resist. 

With the highly anticipated BMW M3 and M4 and the upcoming fully electric iX the company seems to be adapting to the electric and hybrid automobile trend successfully. Thus, there’s no doubt that BMW will continue to lead the industry in the years to come. 

Mercedes Benz

Founded in 1926, Mercedes Benz has been a market leader in the automobile industry in the world for decades. Hence, it’s no difference in Sri Lanka. The luxury car brand is now presenting new age of luxury, with its battery-powered supercars, still being relevant in the modern market. CLA200, C200, E200, E300 & C180 are some of the most popular models of the brand in Sri Lanka, the aspirational youth and elite of the island love. 


When looking for brand new car prices in Sri Lanka, Toyota is a brand you can avoid. Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in Sri Lanka among the rich and the middle-class. The brand has many models of Toyota that’s famous in Sri Lanka. However, without an argument, Toyota Aqua is the most popular model of them all among Toyota car lovers. 


4th place on our list is Nissan. The sixth-largest automobile manufacturer in the world, Nissan takes – Top most searched car brands in Sri Lanka on With headquarters in Japan, the brand caters to a wide range of markets. Thus, Nissan offers models from small cars to hybrids for a wide price range. Quite a few Nissan car models have received so much attention from Sri Lankan buyers, which includes Nissan X – Trail Hybrid and Nissan DayZ.


Mazda is another market leader in the automobile industry founded in 1920 in Japan. The company has a great history, focusing on combining technology and innovation with design, delivering convenient car models for its loyal users. Some of the most popular Mazda car models in Sri Lanka are Mazda3, Mazda Azela, and Familia.

Buy a car in Sri Lanka. 

Keep this list in mind when you buy a car in Sri Lanka to make sure your purchase is trendy enough on the island.

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You can also keep your option open to budget cars or a car best suited to drive through traffic.

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