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Why are portfolios important for some jobs?

A portfolio is a compilation of your work samples, designs, writings, etc. These provide proof of your accomplishments in work. These can either be hard copies such as bookbinders, or a soft copy such as a PDF. 

These are a great method to showcase your skills and talents. You can use them during job searches, at the interviews, and when you’re looking for freelance or part-time work. They are ideal for recruitment agencies and employers to have a look at your work, and your style of work in advance. Even for independent contractors, businessmen or freelancers, they can be of great use. 

What are the industries that use portfolios the most?

Although portfolios can be used by just about anyone, it is widely used in more visual jobs, such as:

  • Graphic design
  • Interior design
  • Cake decorating
  • Architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • Script writing

Putting together a portfolio design is quite self-explanatory for these jobs, as there are often visuals and documents of previous work. However, for anyone who wants to keep a portfolio updated, they can use evidence of their work, client testimonials, and any relevant information in a file, offline or online. 

What can you include in a portfolio?

From your resume to your work-related documents, you can include anything in your it. Here are a few examples you can use for your portfolio design. 

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certificates, transcripts and diplomas
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Testimonials
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Designs
  • Marketing materials
  • Layouts and graphics
  • Published articles
  • Writing samples
  • Blog links
  • Letters or emails of gratitude from clients

Should you use a soft copy or a hard copy?

Being in the digital age, we recommend that you update your portfolio design online, on the go. Keeping a soft copy is more convenient. You can send it across anywhere within a second. It is also easier for you to update your portfolio design. You have access whenever you need it, as it is stored in your computer or a drive. All you need is internet access. 

For example, let’s take a graphic design portfolio. You can use a layout and graphics of your own to create one that speaks your style. Your graphic design portfolio can be sent to any client of yours as a clickable PDF or other file formats. You can even host your graphic design portfolio in a domain. This can give a more sophisticated and personalized experience. 

What are the benefits of having a portfolio?

Your clients can check your work beforehand. They can get an idea of your creativity and organization skills by looking at it. For employers and recruitment agencies, they can cross-check it with their requirements. This helps them see if your skills align with the company’s needs. It is also easier to compare your talent with others when your work is more visible to employers and recruiters. 

There are many websites you can use to get your portfolio designed. However, if you have no knowledge of how to design one, you can always look for a person who provides a portfolio design for you. At ikman, and on social media, you will be able to find many graphic designers, writers, and document editors who can help you out with your portfolio design. So why wait? Try designing your portfolio today and get your head in the game! 

Already created a portfolio? You can now apply for your dream job through ikmanJOBS using your newly updated information. All you have to do is visit ikmanJOBS and browse for your ideal job! We hope this guide was helpful for you. All the best in your future endeavors! You might want to take a look at these wonderful job opportunities as well.


Can a portfolio help me get a job?

Yes. It can help recruiters see your skills in advance and consider you for the job.

How do I design a portfolio?

You can include your work samples, designs, layouts, writing, and other work-related materials and compile them into a PDF or a bookbinder.

Should I always attach it when I apply for a job?

Not necessarily, however, it will be advantageous to attach the portfolio if you have a strong skillset.

Should I take a copy of it to the interview?

Not unless mentioned. You can email your portfolio to your employers or recruiters, and take only the required documents and certificates with you.

Can someone else design it for me?

Yes of course. There are many designers and document editors who can design your portfolio for you.

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