Beating the prices and buying smart; Get your smart phone on!

Generally mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka, are relatively affordable when compared with other countries. Having said this, it is easy to be fooled as duplicates galore and it takes talent to differentiate from a genuine product to a fake. Let this be a guide for you to assess the market price of several commonly used phone brands and help you in buying the best keeping within your budget

Nokia phone prices.

Nokia Lumia Phones in Sri Lanka

The phenomenal Nokia Lumia phone ranging from a wide range of specifications to price ranges could be a great option and value for money. Starting from Rs. 12,000, the Nokia Lumia extends to 1020, which averagely costs Rs. 74,000. The long standing, sturdy Nokia has been able to dominate the market of all windows OS lovers. Bringing back the Nokia we all truly believed in, the latest Nokia phone; Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and the upcoming Nokia 8 have turned the tables around. Assuring what they’re best known for reliance and hardy, these phones are in the market in between the price range of Rs. 20,000- 49000 which is both affordable and a best buy.

Sony phone prices.

Sony Phones in Sri Lanka

Sony Xperia is for those who enjoy quality photographs and are clumsy with water. Xperia’s unique feature of enabling their designs with water resistance or even water proof specification, has turned technology around. Xperia has a range of phones to suit any budget and phone models named after most of the letters in the alphabet! Nevertheless the Xperia Z series has knocked the socks off of many other android devices, as it is sleek and user friendly. Latest Sony Xperia phones could be bought at a starting price of Rs. 15,000 to high end phones valuing over Rs. 85000.

HTC phone prices.

HTC Mobile Phones in Sri Lanka

The HTC Desire and One series are known for its beautiful design and sharp graphics. The HTC One A9s could be purchased at a price ranging from Rs. 45,000- 50,000. This is a high end smart phone but has been made affordable to those who prefer HTC and is even equipped with a 13MP Camera. If you are more inclined towards the HTC Desire series, do check these options out. HTC Desire 626; great specifications for a price as low as Rs.20,000. Or even the HTC Desire 628 which is slightly more expensive option but has a better performance and clarity to offer.

Samsung phone prices

Samsung Phones in Sri Lanka

Samsung has been dominating the android market over time and has furnished some great phones with state of the art features which can be yours in one click. The Samsung Galaxy S series with its phenomenal Galaxy S8 breaking the market with its iris scanner assuring ultra-protection, could be yours for Rs. 110,000- 130,000 through the right vendor. If you’re looking for a simpler phone that is affordable and has striking features, go for the Samsung Galaxy J, C or A series. You can browse them through Ikman, ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.60,000!

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