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Easy, reliable methods to find foreign jobs

Foreign jobs are a dream for many people who are looking for better opportunities and salaries. However, with all the foreign agencies lining up, people are reluctant to go ahead and take chances. Mostly due to the lack of knowledge in the area, people get scammed often. To avoid this, today we’re bringing you some reliable methods you can use to work overseas. 

1. Use ikman’s work overseas

Did you know that ikman had a dedicated category for anyone interested in foreign jobs? With ikman’s work overseas category, there are more than 600 job listings from reliable and trustworthy partners. These agencies are registered with ikman and post their job listings on ikman. From most sought-after jobs abroad like housemaids, waiters, mechanics and delivery riders to even top management jobs, you can find a broad range of foreign jobs listed. 

2. Apply directly 

One of the easiest ways to find jobs abroad is to apply for a job through the company website or their LinkedIn profile of your job ad. There are no mediators and you will be contacted directly by the company if they’re interested in hiring you. Note that some companies have to sponsor you and provide reasons as to why they need to hire you. When this step is complete, you can apply for your work visa. 

3. Ask a friend/family to recommend you

Another method to find work overseas is to ask one of your friends or family who is pursuing foreign jobs to recommend you. Suppose the company they work for already has vacancies, then they can forward your CV internally. This method can be efficient and reliable as the job offer is coming through someone you trust. 

4. Get help from an overseas job agency

An overseas job agency with a good reputation can also be a good option for you. If you have anyone who already got a job through them, even better. Do your research first to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. These agents usually help you from getting an offer to paperwork and documentation for a fee. If you have no other option, this could be your contingency plan.

Upon receiving a job offer, you can apply for your visa and plan your departure. For this purpose, you will need to submit your documents such as service letters, identification certificates, educational certificates, and other supporting documents. In some cases, you will also have to provide proof of funds. Some of the jobs you find will provide accommodation, in other cases, you will have to find accommodation for yourself. The best way to help yourself settle down faster is to get help from a Sri Lankan friend or family member who lives there. We see many Sri Lankan communities within these countries. 

The most important aspect in looking for foreign jobs is finding a trustworthy, reliable service. gives you just that! With the work overseas category expanding, you can view more listings in the future! Make sure to double-check your documents before submitting for visa approval. Once your visa is approved, you can book a flight for departure and pack your bags! We hope your adventure becomes a success! Stay tuned for more insights on the ikman blog.


What is the most reliable way to find work overseas?

You can find multiple vacancies on or search and apply yourself for reliable vacancies after your research.

What are the documents I need to apply for visa?

Your passport, birth certificate, educational certificates, service letters, letters of recommendation, proof of funds are the most important documents.

Can I fly as soon as I get the visa?

This depends on the period of your stay as mentioned on the visa, so do not fly too early!

Can I apply for PR once I go abroad?

The PR application process varies depending on the country. Make sure you fulfill the requirements before applying for PR.

Can I extend my job offer?

Depending on your performance, your employer can extend your employment as they wish.

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