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Comprehensive Guide to Different Car Types

Shopping for used cars for sale can be exciting, but it can also be confusing as well. With so many cars of all dimensions and sizes, cross-shopping the competition can be quite difficult-heck. Even identifying the competition is hard.

There are many brands of cars for sale in Sri Lanka, too. They include popular brands such as BMW cars, Toyota cars, Honda cars etc. This makes the choice even more difficult.

Not quite sure which vehicle is best for you? Don’t worry, we are here to the rescue. Our comprehensive guide to different car types provides all the necessary information. This will help consumers make an informed decision on their next vehicle purchase.

car body types
Car body types (Source: Motorist)


A convertible is a vehicle that has a retractable roof. With the flick of a button, the roof easily becomes unhinged. Then it folds away to either the trunk of the car or behind its rear seats. There are many variations of this vehicle available. The roof can either come manufactured with rigid metals such as aluminum or steel. It can also come in soft materials including canvas or vinyl.


Technically a coupe a hard top car with two doors. These vehicles are often sporty variants of saloon or sedan body styles. The coupled interior comes with less than 33 cubic feet or rear volume.. Moreover, it features 2+2 seating ( room for two passengers in the back and the front).


The sedan is one of the most popular car body types on the road. A sedan or saloon comes with a unibody configuration and a fixed B-Pillar between the rear and front windows. There are four doors and more than 33 cubic feet of rear volume. The interior of this vehicle can easily sit up to 5 passengers at one time.


The term hatchback describes vehicles made with a hinged rear cargo hatch that opens upward. A top-hinged tailgate or singular large flip-up window provides easy access to this cargo space. Moreover, it allows the owner to open it effortlessly. Typically most hatchbacks feature fold-down second-row seating. Here, you can reconfigure the interior to prioritize cargo volume or passenger seating.


What does it mean when you call a vehicle as a hybrid? It generally means that it achieves propulsion through the use of more than two power sources. The term commonly refers to hybrid electric motors and gasoline engines. These objectives include increased power fuel economy or additional auxiliary power for power tools or electrical devices.


The original purpose of a sports utility vehicle or (SUV) was to be an off-roading automobile for sporting purposes. Increased demand for this vehicle has spawned several variations that may or may not include off-roading capabilities. Standard features in most models include a roomy interior that sits 5-7 passengers. In addition, there are multiple configuration capabilities that can either increase cargo space or passenger seating.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is a vehicle that typically serves for transporting cargo and equipment. The enclosed seating area in the front can fit 2-3 people at once. In addition, the open cargo area in the back comes with a flatbed to hold various items and cargo. The rear gate feature in the back also opens outward for simple loading and unloading as well.

car body types
Car body types (Source: The InfoVisual)

Station Wagon

A station wagon or an estate car is a vehicle that comes with an extended compartment behind the passenger seats. The extended trunk area carries and transports small or midsized items. It is also accessible through a fifth door located on the back end of the car. The interior can have 5-7 passengers in it at one time. In addition, the owner can elect to fold down the passenger seats. This results in even more storage capabilities.

Sports Cars

Sports cars are small vehicles that usually have two seats and two doors. With nimble handling and spirited performance these vehicles deliver premium acceleration and handling. Sports cars may come in many forms such as luxurious or Spartan. However, the main aspect each model will possess is a low weight requisite and high maneuverability.


Offroaders are small vehicles that come with large tires that have deep open treads in them. These automobiles have an upright, boxy body design and flexible suspension. Just like the name states offroaders are capable of driving off and on paved surfaces as well as gravel ones.


A van is a boxlike vehicle that is very large in shape and often helps to haul cargo than people. These cars are rarely driven for domesticated purposes. At the same time, they do offer a spacious interior and a body on frame construction. This is suitable for conversion and extensive modification.


A minivan is another box-like automobile. It mainly transports people or goods. With a spacious interior that can hold 6-9 passengers, these vehicles typically come under the category of family cars. This is due to their child-friendly features that include built-in entertainment centers, power sliding doors and child safety locks. These vehicles are also among the most versatile as they serve for both domestic and commercial use.

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