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Top 5 Suzuki Models in Sri Lanka

Suzuki is a popular vehicle brand that sells many of its various models in Sri Lanka. Among the many such models, this buyer’s guide brings to you the five most popular Suzuki cars for sale in Sri Lanka. If you are planning on buying any Suzuki model, the following detailed specifications will be a help. 

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto Front
Suzuki Alto Front Side View (Source: carwale)

The Suzuki Alto is a kei car. The term “kei car” refers to the Japanese vehicle category for the smallest highway-legal passenger cars. The term Kei means light automobile, Japanese city car, ultramini, or Japanese microcar. It’s a 5 door, 4 seat hatchback model. 

Mechanical Specifications

The 2013 model year Suzuki Alto comes with a 996cc 3 cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engine. It outputs a 90Nm torque. This model has an estimated fuel consumption of  5.2L/100km (combined).

On the other hand, the 2016 model comes with front wheel drive and a front located turbocharged engine of 0.7 litre capacity. This unit features double overhead camshaft valve gear, 3 cylinder layout, and 4 valves per cylinder. It also has an output of 63 bhp (64 PS/47 kW) of power at 6000 rpm, and maximum torque of 100 N·m (74 lb·ft/10.2 kgm) at 3000 rpm. A 5 speed manual gearbox transmits the power to the wheels. 


Comprehensive sheet metals create a fresh look for this model. The fluent ridges on the bonnet pronounces the front end. At the same time, they cleanly hold the slightly swept back headlamps. The grille looks sleek with the bold Suzuki logo. Moreover, the blacked out slats on the chin lends it character. When you look at it from the side, the flared wheel arches and prominent crease that runs along the window line add much needed flair to an otherwise drab profile.


Suzuki Alto Interior View
Suzuki Alto Interior View (Source: carwale)

Thankfully, there is a taller roof and thinner plastic panels for the doors on the inside. Therefore, there is more head and shoulder room, respectively.


The Suzuki Alto is an entry level vehicle. Hence, there are limited safety features in this model. However, all the essential active and passive safeguards are there. They include ELR seat belts, driver side airbag and other essential safety features.  

Price Range

The Suzuki Alto price in Sri Lanka ranges from around 1,810,000 LKR To 4,200,000 LKR for the 2013 to 2016 models. 

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R Front Side View
Suzuki Wagon R Front Side View (Source-TC-V)

The Suzuki WagonR is available in hybrid powertrain. The model comes in three variants – FA, FX and FZ. All variants are available in 2WD and 4WD options. 

Mechanical Specifications

Powering the WagonR is a 658cc three-cylinder petrol engine with 51bhp and 60Nm. The engine is in sync with a 2.3kW ISG motor and a lithium ion battery. A CVT automatic handles the transmission responsibility. The mild hybrid can achieve a fuel economy of 33.4kmpl, according to Suzuki.


The overall design of the 2018 WagonR is radical and flashy. The design seems to be taking inspiration from the Toyota Alphard especially the fascia with its two-level headlamps and the floating B-Pillar. The whole car appears boxy. In addition, the rear taillights are way below at the bumpers. Anyways, there are eight colours to choose from on the base model.


Suzuki Wagon R Interior View
Suzuki Wagon R Interior View (Source-TC-V)

The interior of this model comes loaded with features available in many premium cars. In fact, it has a heads-up display popping out of the dashboard. In addition, the dashboard has a centre stacked instrument cluster. This is in addition to the large infotainment touchscreen and dashboard mounted gear lever. Moreover, the air conditioner vents are in a horizontal strip on the dashboard. The “omni-directional” screen includes a memory navigation system. There is also a camera feed from four all-around cameras. 

The dual-tone dash and upholstery are available in beige and black. What’s more, the windscreen and window glasses come UV and IR protected. You can operate the tailgate using a switch. 


  • automatic brake assist
  • high beam assist function
  • ABS with EBD
  • front and curtain airbags

Price Range

The Suzuki Wagon R price in Sri Lanka ranges from around 2,795,000 LKR to 3,775,000 LKR for the 2014 – 2018 models. 

Suzuki Swift 

Suzuki Swift Front Side View
Suzuki Swift Front Side View (Source: NetCarShow)

Mechanical Specifications

This model comes with a 1.2 to 1.3 litre engine which delivers an effortless drive and genuine driving pleasure.

This unit has an output of 111PS. It is also Direct Injection turbocharged (DITC). The engine has very compact dimensions. In fact, it offers 170Nm of torque available from 2,000rpm through to 3,500rpm. The optional six speed automatic transmission model offers 160Nm of torque. This is available slightly earlier from just 1,700rpm through to 4,000rpm.

The Boosterjet technology Suzuki uses in this model improves fuel efficiency and driving pleasure. This is because this technology reduces pumping loss by controlling the wastegate valve as needed. It also uses an air bypass valve to prevent turbo ‘stall’ after the throttle closes and then quickly reopens.


The Swift is available in one solid colour plus six optional metallic colours. It is also available in three dual-tone metallic colours whereby the roof colour is either Super Black Pearl or Premium Silver Metallic.

In truth, the exterior design of the 2018 model follows the concept of a “bold evolution of Swift’s DNA”. 

What’s more, this model fuses elements that boldly transforms its looks with its characteristic styling.

The body is shorter, lower and wider. Meanwhile, a wide and aggressive front grille, supporting bumper grille character lines all express strength.

Blacked-out pillars create the appearance of a floating roof. At the same time, the model gets a stylish and sporty look from the pillar-mounted door handles. Moreover, a high-tech look comes in the form of LED signature illumination used in the headlamps and rear-combination lamps. 


Suzuki Swift Interior View
Suzuki Swift Interior View (Source: CarShowroom)

There are sporty, sophisticated white accents and satin chrome throughout the cockpit. They work with a basic tone of black. As a result, this creates a high contrast interior space. 

The 4.2 inch high-definition colour LCD display shows a range of information. They include engine output and torque data, fuel consumption and brake operation. In addition, it also displays driving G-force tracking, average speed, acceleration. 

The audio system has a Smartphone Linkage Display Audio (SLDA). This is also with a large seven inch touch panel display. This enables intuitive operation. The 3D navigation map is easy  to work with. It also allows the driver to use certain smartphone applications with MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection.


Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS) – SZ5 Grade

If the system senses a risk of collision with a forward obstacle, it issues both an audio and visual warning. This works at vehicle speeds from approximately 3mph to 62mph. At the same time, the system deploys brake assist, increasing braking force. In a worse case scenario, the system applies full automatic braking. This is in an effort to avoid the collision or reduce damage.

High beam assist

High beam assist automatically switches between “high” and “low” at speeds of 25mph or higher. This considers the lighting environment and presence of  other vehicles. 

Adaptive cruise control

This uses millimetre-wave radar to gauge the distance to the vehicle in font. Then, it automatically maintains vehicle-to-vehicle distance in line. This works according to the setting you select out of three possible settings. 

Lane departure warning function

This works at a speed of 37mph or above. The system vibrates the steering wheel if the vehicle is departing the lane without a turn signal. In addition, a warning indicator will also be there in the instrument cluster. 

Weaving alert function

When the vehicle is traveling at vehicle speeds of approximately 37mph or above and is weaving from side to side within a lane, the system sounds a warning buzzer and lights an indicator on the instrument panel. This quickly draws the driver’s attention to weaving caused by drowsiness or other factors.

Guide Me Lights

The dipped beam headlamps remain on for 10-25 seconds after the door is locked / unlocked. This ensures safety when leaving or returning to the car at night. 

Price Range

The Suzuki Swift price in Sri Lanka ranges from around 5,200,00 LKR to 5,999,990 LKR for the 2013-2018 models. 

Suzuki Maruti 

The Suzuki Maruti is a small city car manufactured from 1983 to 2014. It seats 4 people. 

Suzuki Maruti Front Side View
Suzuki Maruti Front Side View (Source:SpeedMasti)

Mechanical Specifications

The maximum speed the model achieves is 140 km/h (87 mph). It takes 14 seconds to accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph). In terms of fuel consumption, it is 16 km/l (6.3 l/100 km; 38 mpg‑US) for highways. For the city, it is 13.5 km/l (7.4 l/100 km; 32 mpg‑US). Overall, the numbers are 14.1 km/l (7.1 l/100 km; 33 mpg‑US). 

The engine model of the Suzuki Maruti is F8B MPFI (4-speed) and F8D MPFI (5-speed). It is a 2 valve 3 inline cylinder 796 cc (49 cu in) petrol engine. Moreover, it generates 37 BHP at 5500 rpm (F8B) and 45 BHP at 6000 rpm (F8D). This model comes with manual transmission with a four-speed gearbox (F8B) and a 5-speed gearbox (F8D). 


Suzuki Maruti Interior View
Suzuki Maruti Interior View (Source : FinancialExpress)

Since this is comparably an old model, the interior features and comfort is minimum. It does not come with features such power steering, power windows, air conditioning, power outlets etc. H/owever, you get low fuel warning light. In addition, you also get rear seat headrest. 

While you cannot enjoy leather seats, you can however find fabric upholstery. There is also a glove compartment. 

However, there is no infotainment system. 


There are adjustable headlights and manually adjustable rear view mirror. This model does not feature front and rear fog lights. You also do not find rain sensing wipers, rear window wipers, power antenna or tinted glasses. 


There are no many safety features in this model. There is an anti theft alarm, rear seat belts, and side impact beams. However, there are no brake assist, power door locks, driver airbag or passenger nags. 

Price Range

The Suzuki Maruti price in Sri Lanka ranges from around 1,110,000 LKR to 1,750,000 LKR  for the 2006 – 2011 models. 

Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Celerio Front Side View
Suzuki Celerio Front Side View (Source:

Mechanical Specifications 

This model comes with a 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder petrol engine. It offers 55 kW and 90 Nm of torque. You can get either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automated manual transmission (AMT).

The Celerio returns low fuel consumption figures. According to Suzuki, it is 4.6 L/100km for the automatic version, while for manual it is 4.7 L/100km.


The Suzuki Celerio features a fresh front-end design with a redesigned bumper. Moreover, there is a pronounced blacked-out grille with a large Suzuki emblem. The design of the fog lights blend with the headlights and shoulder line. There is a garnish strip at the rear. This, in fact, highlights the car’s. There are also colour-coded side mirrors, door handles and chrome accents on the grille.  


Suzuki Celerio Interior Side View
Suzuki Celerio Interior Side View (Source:

The dashboard features a two-tone design. A lighter-coloured lower section is also mimicked by the new upholstery. This, in addition, features lighter patterned seat in-lays.

The infotainment system features a bluetooth-enabled audio system. It comes with phone integration and USB port. The instrument cluster also features a tachometer and outside temperature gauge.

While the vehicle can seat 5, the interior space is limited. 


The Suzuki Celerio uses high-strength steel which is lighter but more solid than standard material. Moreover, there are also dual SRS front airbags, ABS, and childproof rear door locks. In addition, there are also an immobilizer and side impact beams all converge in this small car. What’s more, there are also reverse parking sensors. 

Price Range

The Suzuki Celerio price in Sri Lanka ranges from around 2,570,000 LKR to 3,569,000 LKR for the 2014 – 2018 models.

The models Swift, Maruti, Wagon R, Celerio, and Alto are the most popular Suzuki models with the highest demand in the Sri Lankan vehicle market. ikman, being Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace, identified these to be the top Suzuki models in Sri Lanka, using the search volumes and popularity of inventory on ikman. 

In choosing the model that suits you the best among these five, take into consideration your preference between a new car and a used car, your financial capabilities, your location (where you will drive the vehicle), fuel consumption levels to suit the level of traffic you drive in, transmission options, seating arrangements to fit your family members, your safety concerns, storage requirements, eco-friendly options etc. The rest of the accessories will come next in the list, such as multimedia, interior architecture, exterior lighting arrangements, body colours, to name a few. 

Make a list of your preferences to help yourself zero in on the perfect model, and head to ikman cars to find your dream car at the best price, and you are good to go! Happy car hunting! 

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