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2021’s 10 Top Jobs in Demand in Sri Lanka

Ever wondered what the top jobs in Sri Lanka are? ikman, being Sri Lanka’s Largest Recruitment Platform, identified these 10 as the top jobs highest in demand in Sri Lanka. Read through and see if the right job for you is among these 10. 

Packing officer

Packing officer is the highest-in-demand among the jobs in Sri Lanka. Currently, there are 600+ vacancies for this. 

A packing officer vacancy asks for minimum educational qualifications and work experience. It involves packing various types of goods in a manner that they are suitable and ready for distribution. The type of packaging or how you pack depends on the type, value, destination etc. of the goods. You might also be in charge of a group of packers to check output quality. 

The salary range for a packing officer role varies roughly between 45,000 LKR and 49,000 LKR.

Interested in becoming a packing officer? Read this full guide on how to get a packing job in Sri Lanka

Packing jobs in Sri Lanka

Data Entry Operator

This is the 2nd highest in demand among jobs in Sri Lanka. Currently, there are 500+ data entry operator vacancies.

A data entry operator’s role is to enter information into electronic formats through word processing software. This is usually done on a computer. Moreover, you can do this even without prior experience. Companies usually hire candidates with no experience and then train them with the relevant software and skills. However, a fast typing speed is necessary for this role. You can get the help of some YouTube videos to learn how to type fast. 

A plus point about this role is that you get many options of working modes. They include full time, part time, online, in-house, etc. So, you can even apply for a vacancy if you want some extra cash while doing something else full time.

For a data entry operator, the salary ranges from 45,000 LKR to 100,000 LKR, roughly. 

Do you think you want to become a data entry operator? You can read all the necessary details from this complete guide on data entry operator jobs in Sri Lanka.

Data entry operator jobs
Data entry operator jobs


Sales is a field which needs some special characteristics to be successful in. The reason is that this is an area where lots of direct communication and convincing happens with customers. In fact, you need to identify opportunities, build a rapport with customers, and successfully close sales. So, candidates who show a potential in these skills have a better chance to get through.

This includes a vast variety of vacancies. They include development reps, sales assistant, executives, outside sales person, regional manager, director, VP and a lot more. 

As you can see, this a career you can start without experience. At the same time, it has a long path to go up the ladder.

Currency, there are 400+ sales job vacancies you can apply for. When applying, you need to know what characteristics and qualifications you need for a sales job. In addition, you should know how to apply and prepare for the interview. Read this ultimate career guide on sales jobs in Sri Lanka to know about the career path in detail. 

sales job vacancies in sri lanka
Sales job vacancies in Sri Lanka


Driver jobs are also one of the highest-in-demand vacancies right now.

This role also sees many varieties. There are heavy-vehicle drivers, rent-a-car drivers, personal drivers, company transport drivers, to name a few. Depending on the type of driver you become, the way you get paid will vary. Different payment methods for drivers include per kilometer, per load, per hour, monthly etc. 

This is a good career option if you prefer off-site work that includes travelling to different places. So, if you are interested in becoming a driver, there are a few things to know. To get an understanding, read this full guide on what to consider when choosing driver jobs in Sri Lanka. Then, you can also check out these 400+ driver job vacancies

Driver job vacancies in Sri Lanka
Driver job vacancies in Sri Lanka


A clerk’s work is mainly related to document handling. This could include writing, typing, sending, and responding to different kinds of official documents. Therefore, a career vacancy will ask for some educational qualifications not less than Ordinary Level Examination. Moreover, depending on the type of work, the workplace will also ask for certain language skills. This will include but not be limited to Sinhala, English, or Tamil. 

How much pay a clerk gets will depend on the nature of work as well as workplace. Roughly, it can range anywhere from 15,000 LKR to 100,000 LKR. If you are considering a career as a clerk, you can check out these 300+ clerk job vacancies

Factory assistant

This path has endless possibilities. Not only do you have different factories to choose from, you can also create a career path in this field. Starting out as an assistant, you can go up to become a supervisor. Moreover, with educational qualifications, to even higher positions. The type of work you will do will depend on the factory you join. There are garment factories, food and beverage production factories, vehicle production factories and many more. So, you can decide what kind of a factory you want to join. 

The salary range for a factory assistant will roughly vary between 35,000 LKR to 70,000 LKR. However, this will change depending on the factory and many other different factors. So, if you are interested, currently there are 200+ factory assistant vacancies that you can apply for. 

Banking assistant

If you have always wanted to join the banking field, this could be your stepping stone. You can join the banking field as a banking assistant where you will go through a training period. Most of the time, you can apply with Advanced Level Examination as a minimum qualification. Then, depending on performance, you can become a permanent employee. With time, you might become more interested in pursuing a career as a banker. If that is the case, you can do banking exams and get promoted. 

Roughly, a banking assistant will receive a salary ranging between 35,000 LKR and 45,000 LKR. Check out these 200+ banking assistant job vacancies if you are planning to apply.  

Delivery rider

Nowadays, delivery rider vacancies are on the rise more than ever. This is due to the current health related situation in the country that keeps many people indoors. Dining-in at restaurants has decreased. Instead, many people are getting their food delivered to houses. However, this is not limited to food delivery. With the rise of safety concerns, people are getting delivered even their groceries, medicine, clothes and everything possible. 

Therefore, many restaurants and stores have started their own delivery services or outsourced their delivery needs to delivery companies. In turn, the number of vacancies for delivery riders are ever on the rise. You can easily make money by signing up as a delivery rider. You only need to own your own motorbike, tuk tuk, car or any vehicle. The vehicle should suit the delivery requirements of the company. Depending on the company you join, you can even join part time as a delivery rider. This way, you can work after your office hours.  

The pay can vary roughly between 30,000 LKR and 60,000 LKR. If you think you want to become a delivery rider, check out these delivery rider vacancies


Chef job vacancies in Sri Lanka
Chef job vacancies in Sri Lanka

Love cooking? You can turn your passion into your profession by becoming a chef. 

Most of the time, you will be able to join a restaurant as a chef or a cook merely through experience as the only qualification. If you do not have experience, you can also join as a trainee chef. However, this is different if you are planning your career as a professional chef in big hotels. Then you will need to take a different approach. You will have to start by going to a culinary school. This is because this later becomes a requirement when joining large scale hotels. After culinary school and training period, you will start as a commis, which is the lowest rank. With years of experience, you can become sous chef, chef, executive chef etc. 

Interested? Then, you need to know which culinary school to join in Sri Lanka. Moreover, you should know what and how you will learn there, the different courses taught. Most importantly, you have to know how you will find a hotel to complete the training period. Want to know more about all these and in-depth details about the different chef ranks? Read this guide on the path to becoming a chef in Sri Lanka.

In the meantime, you can also check these chef job vacancies


This is another popular field with many career opportunities. Usually, vacancies in the marketing field ask for a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in marketing. 

Types of career opportunities in marketing includes:

  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Associate
  • Market Research Manager
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Marketing Director
  • Contract or Freelance Marketer

There are a vast number of opportunities in the marketing field. As a result, there are many institutions that offer marketing related educational qualifications in the country. With the rise of the internet, the field of marketing has expanded even more, opening doors to many career paths. Moreover, with the right education and experience, you can go a long way in the marketing field.

So if you think you are qualified, apply to these 160+ marketing jobs vacancies.  

Final Words

The top jobs 2021 list includes the following jobs:

  • packing officer
  • data entry operator
  • sales
  • driver
  • clerk
  • factory assistant
  • banking assistant
  • delivery rider
  • chef
  • marketing

If you are on the lookout for a job at the moment, you can apply for these top jobs which are the highest in demand among jobs in Sri Lanka right now, through ikmanJobs

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